Najmeh Shaghaei

Name: Najmeh Shaghaei, PhD, head of the library

Institution: The University of Southern Denmark Library

Country: Denmark

Biography: Dr Shaghaei currently works at the University Library of Southern Denmark as Head of Campus Library, where she also has oversight of the Internationalization. Moreover, she is member of Sustainability Committee at the library. Najmeh holds a PhD in Business Management and has a background as a researcher in Change Management. Najmeh is a member of LIBER Leadership Programmes Working Group and LIBER Conference Programme Committee. In addition, she is a member of Advisory Board for Open Knowledge Maps Association in Austria. She has nearly 27 years of leadership development experience within the context of the university library, giving career development counseling, providing strategic consultation on issues and best practices related to the long-term sustainability of the organization, and as executive and auditor of ISO Standard in different countries. Najmeh has extensive experience in leadership, Change Management and Knowledge Management and has written and spoken on leadership and change management, the future of research libraries, diversity, and the role research libraries play to advance productivity in teaching and research. She has worked on a number of national and international projects and done research related to leadership, Knowledge Management, Open Science and Sustainability

Abstract: Library as a Sustainability Leader: Creating sustainable Library and Resilient Communities. Most scientists around the world now agree that the planet is under stress, and the climate change is already impacting human health. This means people and institutions will need to change their behaviors so they can begin repairing the planet. Most academic institutions explicitly state sustainable strategies, which include commitment to sustaining the earth and its environment. The time is right for libraries to act as role models for sustainability by giving accurate information on various aspects of sustainability topics and help communities become more environmentally sound, socially equitable and economically feasible. The university Library of Southern Denmark is playing a key role in the changing environment of research and education across university. Having the proper background, structures, infrastructures and skills, library have the main role in the implementation and the promotion of the different aspects of Open Science. The library advocates within institutions to develop open access policies and roadmaps. Moreover, the library provides support to transform student and employee ideas into real, ongoing projects. The support is provided in the form of advice or networking. There is also access to materials on the green transition and global measurement, which inform and motivate students to implement green measures in their own everyday life.