About conference

Let’s Go Green! 2023: The Second NSK International Green Libraries Conference seeks to encourage libraries and librarians to play an active role in promoting sustainable practices and behaviors. It focuses on four main topics.

Firstly, it explores energy-efficient library buildings and how librarians can practice green habits in their everyday work. Secondly, it examines green library management and initiatives, including how libraries can initiate local or national projects to promote sustainability. Thirdly, it delves into citizen science activities and how libraries can mobilize the general public in scientific data collection to contribute to the UN Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals. Finally, the conference explores green libraries and lifelong learning, with a focus on developing educational services about sustainability for users and local communities.

The conference aims to showcase examples of good practice, explore the public reception of green literacy programs in libraries, and offer continuing professional development about library sustainability. The conference also seeks to connect libraries and experts in the field of sustainability to promote sustainable development and a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations.