Kristina Čunović, head of the library

Name: Kristina Čunović, head of the library

Institution: Public Library "Ivan Goran Kovačić", Karlovac

Country: Croatia

Biography: Kristina Čunović, a sociologist and library advisor, has been promoting green literacy in recent years. She is the director of the Public Library "Ivan Goran Kovačić" Karlovac and is implementing green practices to improve the quality of library services for both users and staff. She has participated in the development of numerous strategic documents that set goals for the development of the Karlovac library towards becoming a green and sustainable library that develops green programs for all age groups and promotes multidisciplinary collaboration in their implementation. Čunović is the coordinator of the first national campaign for promoting read-aloud to children from birth called "Čitaj mi!" (Read to me!). She is a lecturer at the Center for Continuing Education of Librarians (CSSU) in Croatia. She served as the president of the Croatian Reading Association (2014-2016) and the Commission for Library Services for Children and Youth of the Croatian Library Association (2012-2014). She is the recipient of the national Annual Award for the Promotion of Children's Rights in 2018. She has organized numerous professional conferences with presentations by domestic and foreign speakers with the aim of promoting research and improvement of reading and literacy in Croatia. She is the chief editor of "Hrčak," the professional journal of the Croatian Reading Association. She coordinated the activities of the European project ELINET (European Literacy Policy Network, 2014-2016) in Croatia and is one of the authors of an extensive report on the state of literacy in Croatia (2016).

Abstract: Green library - a case study of the Public Library "Ivan Goran Kovačić" Karlovac". Public libraries are often examples of good green practice in their community, connecting the traditional role of a library as an informational, educational, and cultural center of the community with global efforts towards sustainable development. Based on the principle of reuse, libraries have a long tradition of ecological sustainability. Green practices such as reducing energy consumption, recycling, reuse, minimizing pollution and waste, certainly contribute to sustainable development. The Public Library "Ivan Goran Kovačić" Karlovac provides its services in an energy-efficient building surrounded by green spaces. By organizing numerous eco-events, the library improves the situation in the local community, and by introducing green business practices, it improves the quality of stay for both users and employees. The Karlovac library aims to be a green leader and an environmental guardian in the local community, playing a proactive role in green practices. For this purpose, strategic documents have been developed so that activities do not become random and inconsistent with the overall objectives and resources of the organization. The Karlovac library as a "green library" works on the ecological awareness of employees and users and the entire community. Several ways of achieving this are emphasized: increasing energy independence; developing an organizational culture that applies the concept of sustainable development with a focus on environmental impact; implementing "green" projects and programs; selecting and acquiring library materials from the field of sustainable development and environmental protection, and opening a dislocated department called "Green Library". The Karlovac library, as the first purpose-built library in Croatia, is an energy-sustainable building. The Karlovac green story has been going on for more than eight years and is intended for all age groups of users, and is achieved through the following programs: a cycle of lectures "Talking Green" on the "green roof" of the library, screening of documentary films, events in public spaces, arrangement of library space and library surroundings, education of children about environmental protection and recycling workshops, borrowing books and workshops in the Library on the Beach at Foginovo beach, and exhibitions. Since 2020, the Library has been organizing the "Green Festival - Karlovac Green Story", and since 2023, it has been operating a dislocated department called "Green Library" located in the Public Institution Aquatika - Freshwater Aquarium Karlovac. Activities are organized with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development, as well as the implementation of the UN Agenda 2030.